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The chinchilla is a very beautiful animal, they have a thick fur coat that produces natural oils. In the wild chinchillas will bath in dust to control the oil in their fur. To have healthy fluffy fur you must allow your Chins to take a dust bath weekly, some say daily but I personally think that will dry out their fur causing more damage than good.
The chins truly look forward to their dust baths, if you have never seen a chin take a dust bath you have truly missed an awesome sight. The little chins run an dive into the dust and begin to flip and roll and tumble all around in the dust. They don't stop rolling in it until they are covered in dust. You can purchase this special chinchilla dust from any pet store that sells Chins. It is made out of lava rocks, you never want to use any sands or dirts or homemade dust of any kind. Use only what is made for the Chins;
First thing you must do is purchase a Chinchilla bath house from the pet store, simply add some dust and let that Chinchilla see it, and it is on. Only allow the Chins to bath for about 5 minutes then remove the house, or else they will poop and pee in the dust.